The Boys.jpg

Photos by: Shane Williams

Formed in the center of the universe (Fremont, Seattle) like neutron stars, Stucky Jackson and The Boys (Saba Edjlali and Joseph Cable) formed a dense mass of heavy elements. But instead of Polonium, Iron, and Gold, they synthesized a gravel-pit-borne voice, nerve-fiber-vibrating guitar licks, stoic and introspective bass lines, and loungy, silently rage-fueled percussions. Expressing both the pain and glory of America's rich musical history, from Blues and Jazz to the true American heartland's classic, Grunge, their first album "Subito" (2017) sent gravitational waves through Seattle's neighborhoods and out into the vast reaches of space itself. Stucky Jackson and the Boys continue to express new sonic representations of the ethos in the center of the universe and dredge up reservoirs of metaphorical crude oil in the form of the great musical movements of America's past. Floating in zero gravity where all light has been replaced with sparks from striking high-hats and flint guitar strings, Stucky Jackson and the Boys will linger eternally, playing the melodies we all will find at the end of space-time.